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Mindflow Active Coffee
Mindflow Active Coffee
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Mindflow Active Coffee

Not a single morning without a cup of coffee? Take your coffee ritual to the next level. Under the name Active Coffee you will find high-quality freshly ground 100% Brazilian Arabica enhanced with added substances that increase the cognitive effect of coffee, and at the same time reduce its undesirable effects such as being too distracted or the subsequent sharp "drop" of energy. To guarantee maximum freshness, we grind our coffee every Monday and orders of this product are shipped every Tuesday.

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Satisfaction guarantee

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Free shipping over €60

Free shipping over €60

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Czech product

Czech product

Made in the Czech Republic with respect to the environment.

No unnecessary additives svg

No unnecessary additives

Maximum efficacy svg

Maximum efficacy

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About the product


Raise your cup of coffee (to a new level)

Simply put - we love coffee! So we decided to improve it. We have specially developed substances that enhance the cognitive effect of coffee. In other words - you'll focus better for a longer period of time and you won't experience a sharp drop of energy after the effects of caffeine wear off. In order to guarantee maximum freshness of the coffee, orders with this product are shipped every Tuesday.


The best of both coffee and science


It is more effective than traditional coffee

The ratio of caffeine to L-theanine is maintained at 1:2 per dose. According to the study, compared to caffeine alone or placebo, this ratio ensures better perception, information processing, and enhanced attention. [1] [2] It also contains Cordyceps, which was rated better than placebo in a study examining anti-fatigue agents.[3]


Beneficial even in the long term

The added substances - both Lions mane and Cordyceps - improve the brain's neuroplasticity and thus help with memory in the long term. [4] [5]


Eliminates the undesirable effects of coffee

Thanks to its L-theanine and Gotu kola content, Active Coffee relieves unwanted energy drops and reduces tension and stress. [6] [7]


Substances selected based on science

Ground coffee

7 g

Brazilian Arabica from Capoeira and Colonia dos Pinheiros farms, located in the Sul de Minas region.


200 mg

Green tea amino acid calms the mind and improves cognitive abilities. Ratio 2:1 of theanine to caffeine.

Lions mane

320 mg

Lions mane supports neuroplasticity and improves cognitive functions.


300 mg

It helps with memory and supports neuroplasticity.

Gotu Kola

380 mg

It increases the concentration of acetylcholine in the brain and thus boosts memory.


How to use the product?

When to use? svg

When to use?

Have a cup of coffee as you normally do. We do not recommend drinking before sleep.

What amount? svg

What amount?

One serving is set at 7 g, but you can adjust it as you like.

How to use? svg

How to use?

Prepare your coffee in your favourite way.

Further information svg

Further information

For long-term benefits, you can enjoy it regularly.

Your questions


Active Coffee is enriched with special substances that enhance the cognitive effects of coffee. You will be able to focus better compared to regular coffee. In addition, it prevents some of the negative effects of regular coffee.

Especially when coffee is drunk excessively, shakiness and lack of concentration can occur. After a while, there is also a sharp drop in energy and even more tiredness than before drinking coffee.

We have tried to preserve the authentic taste of Brazilian Arabica coffee as much as possible. The flavour and aroma are dominated by chocolate and nuts accompanied by a touch of apricots.

Prepare your coffee as you are used to. The coffee is finely ground, we recommend an espresso, aeropress, ibrik or moka pot.

We always grind the coffee on the day of shipment, so it arrives to you as fresh as possible. We grind the coffee using grinding stones so that the aroma is preserved and the coffee is evenly ground.

You can combine it freely with Decaf, Advanced Mind, Mind Mg, CBD and CBG oil.

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