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Mindflow bundles

Try more and for less. We have combined the products so that you can enjoy their synergistic effects. Plus, we have saved!
  • Mindflow Study Bundle

    Everything for students

    • list svg Instant focus
    • list svg Long-term memory support
    • list svg Discounted price
  • Mindflow Bundle for Managers

    Everything for busy workers

    • list svg Instant focus
    • list svg Stress reduction
    • list svg Long-term boost of attention
  • New
    Mindflow Sleep bundle

    Focus, memory, energy

    • list svg A boost of energy
    • list svg Focused mind
    • list svg Long-lasting effect
  • Mindflow Test Bundle

    Testing of all products

    • list svg All products
    • list svg Multiple variants
    • list svg Discounted price
  • Home Office bundle

    Everything for working from home

    • list svg Focus and energy
    • list svg Relaxing and calming
    • list svg Discounted price
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